Artistic & social Implication

Various organizations supporting the arts and charities solicit artists donation or loan of a work of art, soliciting their presence at events, live painting demonstration, reading, volunteering, etc. ..... The money raised at these events serve various artistic and humanitarian causes development of arts and accessibility to all, help the poor, research in health and science, etc. .... The artist endorse these actions and is involved artistically and socially to the development of various projects since its inception in several of these organizations, including:
Show de la Réussite
Croix rouge de Joliette
Artotheque de Montreal
Fondation des Comptables Agrées du Québec
Maison du Parc, Montréal
Fondation de soutien aux arts de Laval
Chambre de Commerce de Valleyfield
Reves d'Enfants
Le Baluchon
Fondation One Drop
Diabetes Quebec
In addition, in the past, Marion joined several groups of artists from Quebec and has been involved in the organization of various artistic projects:

Association Lavalloise pour les arts plastiques (ALPAP)
Rose'Art, Ste-Rose de Laval
Les Passionnés des arts visuels
Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec